Mortal Kombat (2011) Movelist

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Universal Gameplay

Sonya Blade
Throw Moves
Elite Elbow Edge +
Sonya grabs her opponent and strikes them with her knee, then turns around and knocks them away with ...
Soldier Shoulder Sling
Sonya grabs the opponent, strikes them with her knee, turns around and flings them over her shoulder ...
Somersault Slam / Air Throw (in air)(close)
Sonya grabs her opponent with her legs and does a somersault before slamming the opponent to the gro ...
Basic Moves
Command Moves
Air Drop +(in air)
Sonya drops in for a diagonal dive kick.
Special Moves
Energy Ring Blast / Ring Toss, Ring of Doom [Preview]
Leg Grab / Leg Throw [Preview]
Kiss / Deadly Kiss, Kiss of Death
Sonya blows pink dust in the opponents eyes, stunning them momentarily.
Military Stance
Sonya gets into a half-crouched, boxing-looking stance with massive changes in attack options.
Dash Punches +
Hit the Deck +
Lift Off +
Back to Normal Stance / Back to Normal Stance
Sonya stands up from her crouching Military Stance.
Double Kick
Power Knee
Sonya rushes the opponent and tackles them to the ground, then stands up and punts them in the groin ...
Arc Kick
Hand springs into a rainbow trajectory kick.
A forward cartwheel kick.
Super Moves
SF Beat Down ++
4-hit auto combo followed by a Leg Grab that snaps the opponent's neck, a rising Bicycle Kick (from ...
Fatal Moves
Scissor Split
Sonya grabs her opponent with her legs and lifts them up, then tears them in half.

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