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Universal Gameplay

Fighter Select

String Move
Combination B1
Combination B4 +
At the end of the string, Goku sidesteps towards the foreground and delivers a side kick
Combination B2 +
At the end of the string, Goku flips behind his opponent and delivers a kick.
Combination A
Combination B3 +
At the end of the string, Goku sidesteps toward the background and delivers a side kick.
Special Moves
Blast Fist +
Goku performs an uppercut while rising to air. There is an explosion whenever a foe is hit.
Kaioken ++
Goku is surrounded by a red aura when using this technique, and his fighting abilities are augmented ...
Flurry Kick +,(after hit)
Kamehameha + [Preview]
[Skill Tree] Kiai Blast +
A penetrating energy blast.
[Skill Tree] Instant Transmission ///+
Teleport close to opponent
[Skill Tree] Guided Kamehameha +(hold)/(release)
Goku sets a glowing sphere of ki in place. Releasing the button used to perform the move will send t ...
Super Moves
Super Saiyan +
Goku transform in a Super Saiyan.
Super Kamehameha +
A more powerful version of Goku's signature attack.
[Skill Tree] Blast Flurry Fist +
Goku pummels his opponent with a series of rapid strikes.
[Skill Tree] Spirit Bomb +
Goku raises his hands, gathering energy from supporting life forms. The energy manifests in the form ...

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