Mortal Kombat Series

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Universal Gameplay

Fighter Select

Basic Moves
Change Stance
Baraka pops his blades out of his arms, or if they're already out, slides them back in.
Command Moves
Quick Change +
By changing his fighting stance whilst crouching, Baraka switches a fraction of a second quicker.
String Move
Launching Success +
Baraka stabs his opponent with his blade then pops the blades back in and knocks them into the air w ...
Tears of Pain
Standing uppercut, overhead punch, and blade unsheathing followed by three hits of wild blade flaili ...
Cut 'Em Loose
Straight kick followed by popping out the blades and a blade uppercut.
Nail And Impale +
Hopping kick attack followed by popping out the blades and double blade uppercut.
Special Moves
Chop-Chop Blades
Baraka crouches down with his blades extended and moves his arms in a scissor motion, ensnaring the ...
Flying Shard (hold)
Delayable for less than a second by holding the button.
Blade Cyclone
Spinning blade attack.
Scrape Kick
Baraka slides forward on his blades to deliver a double-footed jump kick.
Fatal Moves
Stab 'N Slam (close)
Baraka slashes his opponent twice across the face, then stabs his blades into their gut and flips th ...
Through The Chest (close)
Baraka kicks his opponent to the ground and pops his blades close to their chest, puncturing them al ...

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