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Majin Buu
Special Moves
Angry Hit +3D
Buu teleports a short distance forward and then swings with a powerful punch.
Taunt +3D
Buu dances a bit and forces his opponents to lock onto him for a time.
Innocence Bullet +
Buu fires off two swirling bullets of energy, which poison the enemy on impact.
Innocence Cannon +
Buu conjures up a large, sun-like ball of energy in front of him and flings it at the opponent. Upon ...
Explosive Buu Buu Punch +
Buu hops up and back and fires off rapid stretchy punches at a downward angle.
Zigzag Express +
Buu spins fast enough to create a tornado around him and heads toward the opponent.
Kamehameha +
A standard blue Kamehameha.
Majin Kamehameha +
Buu's pink Kamehameha effort.
Super Moves
Candy Beam ++3D
Buu sweeps with his antenna and fires an electric beam which he can turn the opponent into a defense ...
Full Power Energy Wave ++
An Energy Wave using all of his power.
Cookie Beam ++
Buu fires a beam from his antenna and turns the opponent into a cookie, then eats them.
Hazard Breath ++
Buu spays projectiles from his mouth in a horizontal arc.

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