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Variable Geo Series

a.k.a. Super V.G. (SNES)
Maki Kagura (King of Fighters '96, The) says...
Those with reasons to live have the true power to win!
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Chiho Artwork.jpg

Manual scan. Playstation version.
Image Gallery

advanced vg artwork 1.jpg
advanced vg artwork 2.jpg
advanced vg artwork 3.jpg
advanced vg artwork 4.jpg
advanced vg artwork 5.jpg
advanced vg artwork 6.jpg
advanced vg artwork 7.jpg
k1 and k2 concept art 1.jpg
Ayako Yuuki
Ayako Artwork.jpg
ayako concept art 1.jpg
ayako concept art 2.jpg
ayako vs screen 1.jpg
Chiho Masuda
Chiho Artwork.jpg
chiho concept art 1.jpg
chiho concept art 2.jpg
chiho vs screen 1.jpg
Elirin Goldsmith
Elirin Artwork.jpg
elirin concept art 1.jpg
elirin concept art 2.jpg
elirin vs screen 1.jpg
Jun Kubota
Jun Artwork.jpg
jun concept art 1.jpg
jun concept art 2.jpg
jun vs screen 1.jpg
Kaori Yanase
Kaori Artwork.jpg
kaori concept art 1.jpg
kaori concept art 2.jpg
kaori vs screen 1.jpg
Manami Kusunoki
Manami Artwork 1.jpg
Manami Artwork 2.jpg
manami concept art 1.jpg
manami concept art 2.jpg
manami vs screen 1.jpg
Reimi Jahana
Reimi Artwork.jpg
reimi concept art 1.jpg
reimi concept art 2.jpg
reimi vs screen 1.jpg
Satomi Yajima
Satomi Artwork.jpg
satomi concept art 1.jpg
satomi concept art 2.jpg
satomi vs screen 1.jpg
Yuka Takeuchi
Manual Scan Back.jpg
Manual Scan Front.jpg
yuka artwork 1.jpg
yuka artwork 2.jpg
yuka artwork 3.jpg
yuka artwork 4.jpg
Yuka Artwork.jpg
yuka concept art 1.jpg
yuka concept art 2.jpg
yuka concept art 3.jpg
yuka concept art 4.jpg
yuka concept art 5.jpg
yuka concept art 6.jpg
yuka concept art 7.jpg
yuka vs screen 1.jpg
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