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mai ngbc artwork 1.jpg

Gallery mode from the PS2 version.
Image Gallery

ai and hotaru ngbc artwork 1.jpg
ai and yuki arcade ending.jpg
akari and hotaru arcade ending.jpg
arcade clear.jpg
chang and choi ngbc artwork 1.jpg
chonrei and chonshu arcade ending.jpg
cyber woo mudman arcade end.jpg
hanzou and fuuma arcade ending.jpg
haohmaru genjuro arcade ending.jpg
iori and kyo arcade ending.jpg
k dash and kyo arcade ending.jpg
king leo defeat.jpg
kisarah and athena arcade ending.jpg
lee and tung arcade ending.jpg
mai and nakoruru arcade ending.jpg
mai and nakoruru ngbc artwork 1.jpg
manual scan.jpg
marco and ai ngbc artwork 1.jpg
mars people marco arcade end.jpg
moriya and kaede arcade ending.jpg
mr karate robert arcade ending.jpg
rock and geese arcade ending.jpg
rock and terry arcade ending.jpg
shermie and shiki ngbc artwork 1.jpg
shermie mr big arcade ending.jpg
shiki and asura arcade ending.jpg
tung fu rue and ai ngbc 1.jpg
washizuka and kim arcade ending.jpg
world heroes ngbc artwork 1.jpg
world heroes ngbc artwork 2.jpg
ai ngbc artwork 1.jpg
ai ngbc artwork 2.jpg
ai ngbc artwork 3.jpg
ai ngbc artwork 4.jpg
ai ngbc artwork 5.jpg
ai ngbc artwork 6.jpg
ai ngbc artwork 7.jpg
ai ngbc artwork 8.jpg
Akari Ichijo
akari ngbc artwork 1.jpg
akari ngbc artwork 2.jpg
athena ngbc artwork 1.jpg
Cyber Woo
cyber woo and yuzu ngbc artwork 1.jpg
goodman appearance.jpg
goodman ngbc artwork 1.jpg
hanzou ngbc artwork 1.jpg
haohmaru ngbc 1.jpg
Hotaru Futaba
hotaru and itokatsu ngbc artwork 1.jpg
hotaru and itokatsu ngbc artwork 2.jpg
Kaede (Awakened)
kaede ngbc artwork 1.jpg
King Lion
king lion ngbc artwork 1.jpg
Kisarah Westfield
kisarah ngbc 1.jpg
kisarah ngbc 2.jpg
kisarah ngbc 3.jpg
kisarah ngbc 4.jpg
kisarah ngbc 5.jpg
kisarah ngbc 6.jpg
kisarah ngbc 7.jpg
Mai Shiranui
mai ngbc artwork 1.jpg
mizuchi defeat.jpg
Moriya Minakata
moriya ngbc artwork 1.jpg
nakoruru and mamahaha ngbc 1.jpg
Neo Dio
neo dio appearance.jpg
Rock Howard
rock ngbc artwork 1.jpg
Tung Fu Rue
tung fu rue ngbc artwork 1.jpg
yuki ngbc 1.jpg
yuki ngbc 2.jpg

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