Injustice: Gods Among Us
"Gods Among Us"
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(10 / 10) Nolan North strikes again
by Jashinsnightmarefuel on 11/16/2013 9:21:26 AM

Zod is a epic fella and a great general. (shame he's fictional) but hey at least they picked the right VA for the job

(6 / 10) Gotta love super powers. . . if nothing else.
by Fenix on 5/27/2014 5:25:30 PM

It was convenient for me that my favorite Superman copy wound up being a grappler in Injustice, but unfortunately Shazam came out pretty awkward and terrible. Despite being a significant improvement over MK9's Sheeva, NRS still has a long way to go with grappler design and it shows. His grabs themselves require meter to contribute to any set ups and his non-grab moves are all derpy punches and ballet kicks that would've fit any number of other dc characters better. Worst of all, his uninspired trait, a temporary damage buff to punch (and only punch) attacks, grants no benefit to his grabs or anything else you might actually use from across the screen, which is the only safe place to turn it on. Whereas most of the others have set ups for (or simply don't need) their trait, with Shazam you just turn it on and hope a combo happens before it runs out.

Ultimately, my disappointment is not so much that Shazam is bad, but that so many others in Injustice are better. Easier to use, more fun to watch, and way more authentic. For christ sakes they turned the fish guy into a bad ass and this is the best they could do with a magical lightning demigod? Aren't these the guys that made Raiden?

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