Sokko Seitokai: Sonic Council
a.k.a. 速攻生徒会
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 (4 / 10) Oh! A 2D Saturn fighter I've never heard of! Oh, it's kind of bad.
by ExMortis on 8/26/2010 12:00:00 AM

One of the first things that struck me about Sonic Council was the sprite work. Something was off about the characters, but I didn't have a theory until I saw the final boss--his long white coat didn't flow at all but simply undulated up and down as if it were starched. Then I started to wonder why a human would ever color and shade in this way, and again, the boss looks especially weird. My conclusion? I am pretty sure the sprites were traced over pre-rendered CG. Most of the animation seems artificial; many outlines and faces are muddy at best.

I didn't find much life in the game mechanics, either. Capcom's "magic series" LP-LK-MP-MK-SP-SK chain system has been ripped off wholesale, even though most people's standing normals don't want to cooperate. There are dashing chains as well, which are nice at least, and the main reason the game's not rated lower than it is. Most characters have about three moves, everyone has two supers, and you gain meter way too fast and for too many reasons. If you hit the halfway point in a match and have three or four stocks, you can usually just spam supers for the remainder. Don't worry if some don't connect, chances are you've earned another couple stocks in the meantime.

To put it up against similar fare on the Saturn, it's not as solid as anything by Capcom, nor does it flow smoothly like Asuka 120%. I guess that's Banpresto for you.

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