Critical Blow
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 (3 / 10) Critical Suck
by ExMortis on 11/8/2009 12:00:00 AM

More or less a sequel to Genei Tougi, any pretense of being a 3D fighter is out the window at this point; the polygonal characters are operating strictly on a 2D plane.

I would characterize my feelings towards Critical Blow as "malaise," nothing about it grabbed me at all (well that's a lie, Berserker's voice sounds like Gorf and that was cool). The system feels "mashy" and excessively rewards damage taken (meter gain and desperation instant kill supers), the music is dumb, graphics are quite blocky, and the character designs are weak. They just took the nice n' basic designs from Genei and ran them through an automatic anime machine.

Thankfully this marked a break in fighters from Racdym.

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