Kensei: Sacred Fist
a.k.a. Bugi (JPN)
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 Mark Galeon
Playstation Version
(6 / 10)
by redmankilla on 1/29/2011 12:00:00 AM

Now that I think of it, I think Mark looks pretty cool for a clone of David, and his moves look pretty inspiring. However, if he were voiced by Steven Blum, got a better last name, I'd like him more. He's kind of worth playing.

 (6 / 10) A rough-cut gem in the cave of PSOne 3D fighters
by anon on 11/13/2009 12:00:00 AM

Kensei: Sacred Fist is like a strange, low-budget mix of Tekken 3 and Virtua Fighter 2, although I'd say that its playstyle leans a bit more towards the latter, albeit at a less "fast-n-furious" pace. You have one kick button, one punch button, a button for blocking, and a button for throws and counters. Some of the moves, I'll admit, are cool, and a blast to watch when you pull them off. What makes the game's combat system really "stand out", however, is its interesting method of defense. Instead of just holding up their hands to shield themselves from opponents' attacks, the characters bob and weave, duck, parry, and hop over them, making matches look slightly more "realistic" than the two titles I compared it to.

Most of the stages are rather bland and uninspired, but the characters look adequately smooth and detailed, even though their designs aren't very original either and are nothing to write home about.

There isn't any story to speak of in Kensei, not even a lame one, which is quite odd, considering some of the initially playable characters' bios lead on into plots. Did Douglas ever get his revenge? Who knows. Did Hyoma ever find his parents? No clue.

The sound effects are crisp, but most of the English-speaking characters have really cheesy voices. Still, the background music is pretty damn impressive, in my opinion, which is no wonder, as I think I read somewhere that it was Akira Yamaoka who helped compose them; the musician behind the excellent soundtracks of the survival horror series Silent Hill, also produced by Konami.

All in all, Kensei can be a fun little fighter from time to time, if you get the hang of it, although I definitely acknowledge that it's not for everyone.

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