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 (4 / 10) It's a start
by The S on 6/18/2009 12:00:00 AM

If I were reviewing this game back in 2002, the following paragraphs would be more full of praise, and I would have likely rated this title an "8". Back then, I was just glad to have a DBZ fighter in my hands, seeing as how I had at the time, missed out on Final Bout and had only played the Super Famicom releases briefly on emulators.

But since then, there have been over nine-thousand DBZ fighters released, give or take a few. The original Budokai... has not held up well in comparison. The game is much, much slower than its sequels, and even the more fleshed-out cel-shading of the Gamecube version pales when placed side-by-side with later entries of the franchise on similar hardware.

However, it did re-introduce the world to DragonBall games, which hadn't been seen on American consoles in some time. While aside from Super DragonBall Z, I can't say any of the DragonBall fighters are spectacular, some of the other games are ridiculously fun for short bursts of play, and this game paved the way for them.

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