Tekken 6 Credits



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Staff Roll
Katsuhiro Harada
Director and producer of the Tekken series. Don't ask him for shit.
Motion Capture
Wataru Koga
Motion capture artist.
Voice Actor
Annie Wood
Daisuke Gōri
Highly prolific Japanese voice actor known for his distinctive voice. Died January 17, 2010.
David Jeremiah
American voice actor.
David Vincent
DC Douglas
Complete. Global. Saturation.
Hidenari Ugaki
Japanese voice actor.
Hu Qian
Chinese voice actor.
Isshin Chiba
Japanese voice actor.
Jamieson Price
American voice actor. Sometimes credited as Taylor Henry.
Junichi Suwabe
Japanese voice actor.
Lenne Hardt
Legendary American-born fight announcer for various Japanese MMA circuits, and occasional voice actress.
Liam O'Brien
Lisle Wilkerson
Japanese-born American voice actress.
Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
Voice actress and singer.
Masanori Shinohara
Patrick Seitz
American voice actor.
Roger Craig Smith
No copyright law in the universe is going to stop him!
Ryōko Shiraishi
Japanese voice actress.
Sang Hyeon Eom
South Korean voice actor.
Tara Platt
American voice actress. Married to Yuri Lowenthal.
TJ Storm
Born Juan Ricardo Ojeda, Storm is a 6' 2" martial arts god who found his way into voice acting after some lucrative motion capture work.
Tomokazu Seki
Japanese voice actor.
Yumi Tōma
Voice actress.

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