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Gargoyle's Perch
The semi-final stage when playing through "Arcade" mode. It belongs to Jin Kazama, who is fought here as a sub-boss at Stage 8 during "Arcade" mode. This stage takes place in an eerie area with gargoyle statues. It also has a glass floor in the middle, which can be broken to create small cracks in it, but the players cannot completely break it and fall through it. In one area of the stage, a statue of what appears to be one of Devil Jin's hands is displayed so that it appears to be clenching the bottom of the moon.

People say that the music is similar to the climax music in Death by Degrees, when Nina Williams and her sister, Anna, battle.

Theme Song
"Blowin’ up the Enemy"

Jin Kazama

boss_stage dark_interior glass statues

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