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The S (105 days ago) [Pinned]
@Downtown Rantou Koushinkyoku
Dammit this is the game I meant.
I need a vacation.

The S (105 days ago) [Pinned]
Boss, can you purge this Okura guy from Downtowwn Nekketsu whatever? I accidentally added him when I meant someone else.
Fenix (114 days ago) [Pinned]
Fixed the quote selection page issue. Unfortunately, the drop downs are still completely ridiculous. Once that's "fixed" the sub renovation can FINALLY move forward.
SpongeBat1 (197 days ago) [Pinned]
How do I change the voice actor for a character with the new setup? Whenever I try I get a 500 error.
The S (252 days ago) [Pinned]
First: I hope things are well. Next, while I like the way game to char is set up, the update borked some things on the submission side, like the thing I mentioned below as well as not being able to edit/delete chars anymore. If and when ya get the time, please take a look at it.
The S (359 days ago) [Pinned]
Next request, although obvs not as pertinent: editing release submissions so I can fix a bunch o' these dates. Again, possibly lower priority than some other stuff you gots.
zedk8 (89 days ago)
Yeah. I don't see it being a violation of FAB's ToS. Unless the guidelines it is hidden somewhere.
The S (90 days ago)
Like just talk about it in the shoutbox?
zedk8 (96 days ago)
Are we allowed to discuss game hacking?
The S (107 days ago)
make that zero divide final conflict, sorry
The S (108 days ago)
Here's some: Zero Divide is listed as an Eternal Champions game. However, Eternal Champions CD is listed as a Killer Instinct game. The Eternal Champion himself is listed as a Bloody Roar character. And to drive this rabbit hole further, Killer Instinct 1 is listed under X-Men: Mutant Academy series and Black Orchid is apparently now from World Heroes. Note that Killer Instinct games and characters were ones that I had just fixed last week.
The S (108 days ago)
I'll look for some that I haven't fixed yet and leave them be.
Fenix (108 days ago)
@s, any examples of bad swaps? I can look into the code but unfortunately it doesn't record those fixes.
The S (108 days ago)
20? Hm... I'm not sure how far I've gotten, but I imagine if I've never encountered her, I've never been that far.
zedk8 (108 days ago)
Defeat her in Survival Mode. She appears after defeating 20 opponents.
The S (109 days ago)
zed howw did you unlock Tara? I've been trying for years.
zedk8 (111 days ago)
I dislike the slideshow for dialogues. I prefer the previous set up. But I guess I can live with the current one.
The S (112 days ago)
I'm pretty sure either someone's trollin', or the site's auto-assigning the wrong games and characters to the wrong series over and over. I've moved more than one of each multiple times.
The S (113 days ago)
I'm doin' the things when I can
Fenix (113 days ago)
How are you guys, anyway? Is this thing still on?
The S (114 days ago)
Fenix (120 days ago)
hang tight everybody. I'm working on it.
The S (128 days ago)
We also had Buddha already.
Magma Dragoon (129 days ago)
Uh, sorry.
The S (129 days ago)
Jeez Magma, you couldn't wait another day for the rest of FoG's cast?
The S (131 days ago)
@zed don't select it from the front page.
zedk8 (132 days ago)
Is dialogue submission fixed? I get 500 error when I click on it on the front page.
The S (142 days ago)
lmao somehow your reply to zed didn't show up for me until I commented.
The S (142 days ago)
Characters that are playable/support are just playable characters. Unless it's a separate incarnation, like what's her name from Water Pizza.
Fenix (143 days ago)
@Zed, if a character is playable, then just say playable and maybe make a note. Boss / Striker / CPU Only, etc. only really apply when those are the only ways the character is used.
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