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King of Fighters '97
Storyline of King of Fighters '97, The
CHANG: "...Boy, that Kim sure is a great guy. He really is looking out for us."
CHOI: "He sure is, buddy boy. You don't find guys like that often."
The Mutt and Jeff combination are uncharacteristically nervous before the cameras, and behind the two stands the figure of their counselor in combat listening on.

Once again these two find themselves in the position that Kim has reconsidered their training and felt it lacking, so their release from this life of harsh life has been postponed.
And one day, during their daily training, they find themselves in the midst of another unfolding surprise.
CHOI: "Phew! How long has it really been since we came here, Chang?
CHANG: "I told you last year, didn't I, Choi?"
CHANG, CHOI: "...Hmph..."
While these two have gone through almost every kind of training menus for who knows how many years, the two can't help but let out a deep sigh at their plight.
CHOI: "In the first place, the reason why were still here is because you just had to say it, right before we were about to be let free, buddy boy!"
CHANG: "But I didn't think Kim would hear it, and heaped onto that you just had to say, ÔYou said it, buddy boy!' and laugh along with me, didn't you?"
CHOI: "What I meant was...."
KIM: "Hey, you two, cut the chatter and start training properly, OK?! ...Excuse me; now, if I may continue...."
A little farther from the area in which Chang and Choi are conducting their training, Kim shares a conversation with an unknown man.
CHANG: "Just who is that guy yammering with Kim for so long?"
CHOI: "Beats me, buddy boy."
CHANG: "A visitor here; now there's something you don't see every day."

CHOI: "You said it, buddy boy."
Without being too fazed, the two, figuring the visitor has nothing to do with them, resume their training, and then all of a sudden Kim calls the two toward him.
KIM: "Hey, you two, come here for a second."
CHANG: "What is it?"
CHOI: "Yeah, what's the deal, buddy boy?"
"Does it have anything to do with us?" they question as they make their way to Kim.
CHANG: "What is it, Master?"
CHOI: "Yeah, what is it, buddy boy?"
KIM: "I wanted to introduce you. This man here is from the network."
With that, Kim introduced the man with whom he had been previously talking to for so long.
TV GUY: "Nice to meet you. You must be Chang and Choi, right?"
CHANG, CHOI: "Uh, yeah."
TV GUY: "You guys knocked me out in the previous King of Fighters. I saw you then and learned you're going through rehabilitation designed around the representative fighting style of our country, tae kwon do, so we came up with a plan to make a documentary about you two with Kim's cooperation and follow you around for a couple of months."
CHANG, CHOI: "Uh-hunh? ...Say what?!"
KIM: "I wasn't going to go through with it at first, but I thought that if we were by some way able to influence the citizens of the world for good through our appearance on TV, then why not help out? Furthermore, we can show the viewers the wonder that is tae kwon do."
CHANG: "B-but Master Kim...."
KIM: "Huh?"
As Chang tries to say something, Kim's shoots him an ominous glance.
CHOI: (No matter what you say, we're in one big pickle, buddy boy.)
CHANG: (Yeah, but....)
CHOI: (If we get on Kim's bad side, we'll pay for it later.)
KIM: "What's the matter? What's all your grumbling about?"
CHOI: "N-not a thing, buddy boy. Everything's just fine."
KIM: "And one more thing, King of Fighters is going to be held again this year, and we're going to enter as part of the documentary coverage on us."
It's not surprising that the two have either given up on or are unable to continue the conversation.
TV GUY: "I hope your going to show us with a great performance during KOF. It'll be killer for our documentary."
KIM: "So there you have it. Don't let us down."
CHANG, CHOI: "Y...Yes, Master."

So thus our trio came to be covered by a major television network.
KIM: "...That's right. At birth and infancy, there is no such thing as a bad human being. I just want everyone to get that through their heads, and furthermore...."
Chang and Choi's story ended, the filming moves on to Kim ardently talking about his theories in front of the camera
The two sit back and watch Kim give his spiel a safe distance away.
CHOI: "Well, Chang, I've thought this over long and hard, buddy boy, and this is our chance!"
CHANG: "What are you talking about?"
CHOI: "With Kim appearing on TV, there's no way he's going to say something like, ÔBut the rehabilitation didn't hold,' would he, buddy boy?"
CHANG: "Yeah."
CHOI: "What's more, on the day when we win the King of Fighters..."
CHANG: "If we win the tournament, we'll be set free for sure!"
CHOI: "It's natural to think so, eh, buddy boy? And when Kim tells the whole world we've been rehabilitated, we'll be given a hero's welcome when we get back home along with all sorts of perks."
CHANG: "Yeah. But even if we're freed, it'll be tough for us to do any jobs."
CHOI: "That's the beauty of it, buddy boy. Kim'll probably provide us with all of the prize money to set us off on a fresh start, and we can use that to go overseas, buddy boy."
CHANG: "And then we can do jobs overseas!"
CHOI: "That's it, buddy boy. Provided that no one catches on to us."
CHANG: "Good point. There never going to catch me again."
CHOI: "But if things get a little touch-and-go in the country we go to, we can just pick up and go to another, and another, and so on, and so on, eh, buddy boy?"
CHANG: "Oh. And what's more, we'll never have to see Kim's mug again!"
CHANG, CHOI: "Goo, hoo, hooo, hoooo."
Kim's story finally comes to an end, and the TV station staff begin to move.
KIM: "Hey, you two over there. Get ready and fall in cause we're going to start working out now."
CHANG: "Kim's calling us."
CHOI: "OK, let's get this done, buddy boy."
CHANG: "Yeah, I'm with you."

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