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Rage of the Dragons
Storyline of Rage of the Dragons
Pepe has a fame as tough and undisciplined at school and house, that's why his is usually in troubles. When 13 and after moving to south Mexico he started to practice all kinds of extreme sports, even expeditions into the jungle alone, there we found an ancient ruin that once belong to the great Aztec empire that spread across all Mexico, inside he found an ancient scroll that kept the spirit of the Green dragon or Quetzalcoatl as it was know in ancient Mexico, the spirit, long time sleep felt the natural resonance in this new host and took possession of Pepe's body, confused, Pepe returned to the city. After this encounter he started to train, under the hidden guidance of the spirit, the ancient Aztec art of fighting that bases the technique in speed, kicks, short range attacks and grabs, because Pepe ignored he was doing all under the guidance of the Green Dragon he tough it was cool all those movements that suddenly he was able to perform.

But this, along with his indiscipline got him into trouble, back in Mexico city he got into troubles with a band that ruled his neighborhood, because of this his father, fearing something may happen to his son decided to send Pepe to Sunshine city where an uncle lived, there he attends to high school and easily made lots of friends, there he will meet Pupa and Pau, two girls that will cause him lots of pains.

After the rising power of the BLACK DRAGON and the arrival of the rest of dragons Pepe felt something was not right, the spirit of the green dragon felt the confrontation with evil forces was about to start, so, once again, leads Pepe into battle when he decided to help Pupa to find her big brother lost in the turmoil of the sect.

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