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Luthor, the Paladin
Storyline of Iron & Blood
His birth has been called by some a sign of the gods’ pleasure with mankind. At the tender age of four, priests chose Luthor for the Order of the Golden Cross. By the age of thirteen he was already the finest warrior the Order had ever produced. At nineteen, Luthor set out on the road to adventure determined to convert as many heathens as he could to the Order’s cause.

His daring deeds have swayed many. He healed the bleeding prince of Ruetra, rid the world of the ancient wyrm Red Fang, and recovered the Order’s most sacred relic, the cross of St. Kristoff, from the lich king Wodron’s legions. Many wonder what he has yet to accomplish. Blessed by the gods and devoted to their righteous cause, Luthor is the Order’s greatest champion. He fights vigilantly in his eternal mission to bring order and good to the world, and to smite down evil wherever it may be found.

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