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Blade Arcus from Shining
As usual.

Win Quote
I hope you've learned your lesson. Now leave me alone.

Win Quote vs. Altina Mel Sylphis
If you have any complaints, write them down. I don't have time to listen to your long-winded stories.

Win Quote vs. Dylan
You refuse to give it your all? Hmph, fine by me.

Win Quote vs. Fenrir
I don't want to fight you ever again - even in jest.

Win Quote vs. Isaac Saint-Germain
I won't take your life if you promise to mend your ways... You think I'm too soft? I agree.

Win Quote vs. Melty Du Granite
Ice cream...? If you're just going to fool around, find someone else to bother.

Win Quote vs. Pairon
You all right? You should get that seen to.

Win Quote vs. Pairon (Story Mode)
I'm sorry, but I can't afford to lose.

Win Quote vs. Rage
Just how tough is he...? He needs to think about how much his hits hurt...

Win Quote vs. Rage (Story Mode)
He doesn't want them to have to go through the pain he's endured... Hmm.

Win Quote vs. Rick Elwood
Don't you ever show your face around here again!

Win Quote vs. Rick Elwood (Story Mode)
I don't ever want to have to fight myself again.

Win Quote vs. Roselinde
Crimson shrine maiden... You proved every bit as ferocious as the rumors suggested. But I cannot afford to lose!

Win Quote vs. Rouna Murasame
I know this is your mission. I do not hold your actions against you.

Win Quote vs. Ryuga
Go back to Shoryuji. It's not too late yet.

Win Quote vs. Ryuga (Story Mode)
He escaped... But he's already lost his home. It's too late for him.

Win Quote vs. Sakuya
Thank you. I think this experience has made me stronger.

Win Quote vs. Urayukihime
I have decided to fight with them until the very last. If you're looking for a new life partner, try someone else.

Win Quote vs. Xiao-Mei
I'm sorry. I don't care what people think of me. I simply can't afford to lose.