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I never thought I'd be defeated by anyone who wasn't even a vampire... I can't lose yet...

Ahh, my blood grows cold... The warmth is draining from my arms... legs... Blood...

Vampires aren't the only monsters. I've experienced this first hand. But I need to make it out alive to have learned this lesson...

Win Quote
You do not understand the terror of the vampires. You should return to your world before something terrible happens.

You and I are from different worlds. We shall never meet again.

Win Quote vs Al Azif
Such strange power... it's the first time I've seen magic strong enough to fight with. But be wary of the church and Inovercy...

Win Quote vs Anna
I am a hunter. A hunter of vampires. Dolls are no match for me. Go back to your master.

Win Quote vs Ein
You are quick--like fighting against a ghost. However, as long as you rely on your weapon, you can't keep up with me.

Win Quote vs Ethica Kibanohara
You said you kill the dead... Then you should go find some ghouls to kill in a graveyard. It's my job to hunt vampires.

Win Quote vs Ignis
Me, a vampire..? No. I am a vampire hunter. Don't you forget it. Don't mistake me for one of them.

Win Quote vs Mora
The game is over, you imitator. Even if you copied everything about me... as long as I am me, you are a fake.

Win Quote vs Muramasa
I will continue hunting. That is my reason for living. It is why I was born. I feel as though you were born with such a burden, as well...

Win Quote vs Ouka
Wow, you forced my hand. I'm not sure what happended in that battle, but it was terrifying. just what are you?

Win Quote vs Ruili
Your eyes... they're terrifying. Humans may be deceived, but I know. You are a demon, even though you are living...

Win Quote vs Saber
Your chivalry is just like a hero from a storybook. There's no need for a fight to the death.

Win Quote vs Saya
I'm not surprised at all to meet someone like you. After all, vampires do exist.