Oro (Street Fighter 3: Third Strike) says...
Your moves are deadly... They could kill me by boring me to death!
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Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
Curse it all!

DHC second tag
The fiend is upon you.

DHC third tag

Entry (one teammate down)
Vengeance is mine.

Entry (two teammates down)
I need no allies.

Match Start vs. Amaterasu
Even gods must answer for their sins.

Match Start vs. Morrigan
Your wiles won't work on me, succubus.

Match Start vs. Villians
The day of judgement is upon you, scum.

Victory vs. Morrigan
Not so amusing now, is it?

Victory vs. Wesker
Hell is calling, Albert.

Win Quote vs. Wolverine
You... have much to answer for.

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