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King of Fighters XIII, The
Win Quote vs. Andy
I'm not the man I used to be, you know? You'd do well to remember that!

Win Quote vs. Ash
KOF isn’t what it used to be. They’re even letting infants join now!

Win Quote vs. Athena
KOF isn’t what it used to be. They’re even letting infants join now!

Win Quote vs. Benimaru
Shooting!? You call that fighting? Nothing can compare to Muay Thai!

Win Quote vs. Billy
Come on, Billy! Did your pride break along with that silly little stick of yours? Heeheehee!

Win Quote vs. Chin
You just can’t let your guard down around old Chinese men, can you?

Win Quote vs. Clark
You think you can take on Muay Thai? You’re not cut out for fighting, idiot.

Win Quote vs. Daimon
What? Going to sleep, already? Get up! I’m not done with you yet!

Win Quote vs. Dark Ash
Time? What about it? Seems to have stopped for you, hasn’t it?

Win Quote vs. Duo Lon
I don’t know about this Hizoku business, but your footwork is a mess.

Win Quote vs. Elizabeth
That was close! I almost did it again. I have a bit of a record, you see?

Win Quote vs. Hwa Jai
Who are you trying to fool, huh? You don't look the least bit like me!

Win Quote vs. Iori
Hey, not bad, hehehe. Maybe I’ll make you my second!

Win Quote vs. Joe
What goes around comes around, Joe! This time you’re the one on the floor!

Win Quote vs. K'
Get out of here before I kick you to death, you filthy sewer rat!

Win Quote vs. Kensou
Meat dumplings won’t give you energy! You should eat more cobras, like me!

Win Quote vs. Kim
Does this mean I graduated that school of yours, professor Kim? Hyahaha!

Win Quote vs. King
You call that Muay Thai? You’re just dancing around like a fool!

Win Quote vs. Kula
Stop crying before I kick your face in! Your whining makes my skin crawl!

Win Quote vs. Kyo
Japanese Martial Arts!? Whatever! Muay Thai will conquer all!

Win Quote vs. Leona
You think a little girl can withstand my mighty Dragon Kick!? Get outta here!

Win Quote vs. Mai
Are you dating that blonde ninja brat? You can't defeat me with your cheap tricks!

Win Quote vs. Mature
Strapped for cash? Bet all your money on me! You’ll be rich in no time!

Win Quote vs. Maxima
Hey you! Take that huge body of yours and get it off my road to victory!

Win Quote vs. Raiden
Hey, Raiden…How about the two of us join up with Billy next time?

Win Quote vs. Ralf
Too slow! You’re gonna need at least 100 years to be able to hit me!

Win Quote vs. Robert
So this is that Kyokugen karate people are always talking about. Not much, is it?

Win Quote vs. Ryo
How did you ever survive in South Town!? You must’ve been pretty darn lucky!

Win Quote vs. Saiki
You’re acting like a big shot, but even Geese had more dignity than you.

Win Quote vs. Shen
Did you really think a mongrel like you could defeat the Dragon's Tooth!?

Win Quote vs. Takuma
You should be old enough to understand that Muay Thai beats Karate every day!

Win Quote vs. Terry
Get back to South Town before the fans start losing faith in you, Mr. Hero!

Win Quote vs. Unawakened Saiki
You talk big, but you didn't even last long, did ya? You're nothing but henchman material. Gyahahaha!

Win Quote vs. Vice
Break my bones!? Looks like YOU'RE the one with the broken leg there! Hyahahaha!

Win Quote vs. Yuri
What's that look on your face!? Mesmerized by my strength, are you?