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Mortal Kombat 3
Special Moves
Detonator Close (hold),
Cyrax fires a bomb from his chest that lands close to him
Detonator Far / Bomb (Far) (hold),
Cyrax fires a bomb from his chest that launches far from him.
Net / Energy Net [Preview]
Air Dash / Anti-Air
Cyrax dashes through the air diagonally upward.
Air Fling (close)
Cyrax flings his opponent to the ground
Exploding Teleport / Teleport
Cyrax detonates himself, and reforms on the opposite side of the opponent.
Fatal Moves
Self-Destruct (close) [Preview]
Dread Chopper [Preview]
The Charleston
Cyrax performs an old dance popular in the 1920's.
Shark Week (close) [Preview]

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