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Signature Moves
2-Dan Jump
Cyclops can perform a double-jump in any vertically escalating direction.

Cyclone Kick
Mega Optic Blast / Concussion Blast
Cyclops fires a massive blast of energy from his eyes.

Optic Blast / Beam Bolt
Cyclops fires a beam of energy from his eyes.

Optic Bullet
Cyclops fires a small burst of energy from his eyes. Can also be used whilst crouching.

Optic Sweep
Rapid Punch
Despite this attack's name, Cyclops performs all sorts of attacks while dashing at the foe, including knee strikes and finishing off with an Optic Bullet.

Rising Uppercut / Gene Splice
Cyclops performs a leaping Shoryuken-type uppercut. Mashing Punch will chain additional hits. At the end of the move, Cyclops fires a small burst of energy from his eyes, upward.

Running Neckbreaker Drop / Running Stun Drop
Cyclops rushes at the opponent and delivers a flipping clothesline to the foe, dropping them hard on the ground.

Super Optic Blast
Cyclops fires a large beam of energy from his eyes. Using the joystick after the attack starts up allows the player to aim the beam in that direction. The beam is capable of ricocheting off of walls and floors.

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