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Signature Moves
Giant Swing
Colossus grabs his opponent by the feet and swings him or her around, then tosses them across the screen. Rotating the joystick or mashing a Punch button increases speed and damage.

Overhead Toss
Colossus grabs his opponent from behind and bends backward, throwing the foe overhead.

Colossus grabs his opponent and flips them upside-down as he leaps into the air, then lands, driving his opponent's head, neck, and shoulders into the ground.

Power Tackle
Colossus rushes toward his opponent and rams them with his shoulder.

Power Tackle
Colossus charges across the screen, shoulder-first.

Strongman Lift
Colossus lifts the opponent from the ground and holds him or her overhead, setting up for another throw.

Super Armor
Colossus poses and begins to glow. For a short duration, damage done to him is decreased and he is nigh impossible to knock down, stun, or launch.

Super Dive
Colossus leaps into the air and dives back down headfirst at an angle.

Colossus stretches out and flails his arms to his sides.

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