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DragonBall XenoVerse 2
Special Moves
Charged Ki Wave +3D
Restores stamina.
Maximum Charge +3D
Mira powers up, restoring ki.
Genocide Shell +
Mira tosses four energy balls in front of him in a spread, which hang in place and detonate after se ...
Perfect Shot +
One-finger energy wave.
Phantom Fist +
Purple energy swirls around Mira, and if he is struck, he will teleport and regain stamina.
Deadly Dance +
Four spinning kicks followed by a Flash Kick.
Android Kick +,
Mira performs a forward somersault. Pressing the button again will launch him into a rushing kick.
Death Beam +
Straight laser of ki.
Galick Beam Cannon +
A dark energy blast with a corkscrew swirl around it.
Energy Field ++3D
Barrier of energy.
Perfect Kamehameha ++
Mira replicates Cell's powerful Kamehameha.
Super Moves
Spinning Blade ++3D
Mira spins to avoid attacks while attacking with a energy-sheathed knife hand.
Full Power Energy Blast Volley ++
Rapid barrage of fully-charged ki blasts.
Full Power Energy Wave ++
An Energy Wave using all of his power.
Serious Bomb ++
A shoryuken followed by a giant ball of dark purple energy.
Weekend ++
An energy blast from each hand combining into one large one.

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