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Signature Moves
Crushing Palm
As Zhao Yun whirls around above ground, his Rain bow Sword will sweep away the enemies who came in its ways. A fatal feat to disperse multiple enemies.

Fling over the Shoulder
A feat useful at short distance. As the enemy loses balance, fling him out over the shoulder.

New Moon Slash
A defensive skill for the upper part of the body. With the diamond hard Rainbow Sword in hand, Zhao Yun will be hard to beat.

Rainbow Sword / Sword Slash
Concentrate energy on the Rainbow Sword to slash out with a flux. With full energy the sword will be lightning fast.

Concentrate full energy on the palm then quickly neutralize the enemy by hitting the neural nodes of his body. Then kill the enemy with the fatal feat New Moon Slash.

Whirling Sweep
Unsheath the sword, turn round, jump up, twist, and slash. One after another, all these movements are accomplished in one go to form the lethal Whirling Sweep.

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