Dhalsim (Super Street Fighter 4) says...
Give up. Your short limbs have no chance of reaching me.
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Akatsuki Blitzkampf
Command Moves
Kawara Wari (in air)+
Kabuto Wari +
Hopping axe kick
Agito Wari +
Akatsuki dashes forward and delivers a swift uppercut
Special Moves
Ningen Hakubou +
Akatsuki leaps up with his fist in the air.
Tekkoukyaku +(air)
Akatsuki propels forforward with some mid-air kicks.
Denkoudan +(air)
Akatsuki fires an electric orb at his opponent.
Super Moves
Kamikaze ++
Akatsuki pummels his opponent with a barrage of punches and kicks. He ends the attack with a blast o ...

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