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Signature Moves
Carl summons a toy soldier, which will jab its lance in three directions.

Carl sends a gadget along the ground, which will grab an adversary's leg and fling him/her in the air.

Con Anima
Nirvana approaches and slams an opponent behind her.

Con Brio
Nirvana's claws extend upward at an angle.

Con Fuoco
Nirvana attacks her opponent, using a drilling motion of her arm.

Nirvana knocks an enemy in the air with a big uppercut

La Campanella
Carl teleports Nirvana right behind him.

Laetabillis Cantata
Carl summons a large spinning cog.

Rhapsody of Memories
Nirvana smacks her opponent around with a barrage of strikes.

Carl does dash that can pass through his opponents. The button determines the distance dash, with B traveling farther.

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