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Signature Moves
Aerial Kick
Slightly strange-looking jumpkick.

A quick cartwheel through projectiles (and enemies)

Charging Star
Cap rushes behind his shield, can absorb incoming projectiles.

Double Jump
Cap has some extra mobility in the air.

Final Justice
Cap rushes the opponent and delivers a patriotic beating. He concludes with a full body air piledriver.

Heel Kick
Downwards kick.

Hyper Charging Star
Cap rushes forward with his shield at the forefront and energy at his back. Can absorb incoming super projectiles / beams.

Hyper Stars and Stripes
Three successive stars and stripes.

Shield Slash
Cap chucks his shield at the enemy at a given angle. It rebounds back in his direction, but can be "lost".

Stars and Stripes
Standard fare anti-air

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