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Throw Moves
Larengectomy (in air)+
Valentine saws at her victim's throat.
Anesthesia +
Valentine forces an opponent to breathe in gas that renders one unconscious
Special Moves
Mortuary Drop ++
Valentine lunges forward in an attempt to nab her victim in a body bag. If successful, the bagged vi ...
Vial Hazard +
Strength of punch button determines type of poison being applied.
Savage Bypass +(air)
Valentine dashes through her foe with a cut from her bonesaw.
Dead Cross +(air)
Valentine tosses a cross-shaped shuriken.
[Vial Hazard] Flew Shot +(air)
Valentine tosses a syringe loaded with poison.
Super Moves
EKG Flatliner +(air)
Valetine dashes back and forth, cutting with her bonesaw. Each pass through her opponent creates a v ...
Checkmate Incision +(air)
Valentine tosses seven scalpels simultaneously.
[Level 2] Acquisitive Prescription +
Valentine, a counter that does no damage on its own, but stuns momentarily
[Level 2 and Vial Hazard] Countervenom +
Valentine counters an incoming attack with an injection from a poison-filled syringe.
[Level 3] Dead On Arrival +
Valentine dashes in and encapsulates her opponent in a body bag. The bag is tossed into the air, and ...
[Level 5] Forbidden Procedure: Rebirth Ex Machina ++/+
Valentine uses an automated external defibrillator to revive a fallen partner or hurt an adversary.

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