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Dragon Ball Z Series

a.k.a. Majin Boo, Good Buu, Fat Buu, Djinn Boo, Mr. Buu
Akira Toriyama
Vegeta (DragonBall XenoVerse 2) says...
Come at me for real.
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Signature Moves
Combination A1
a string that ends with Buu knocking his opponent away with his belly

Combination A2
Buu performs a string that ends with multiple slaps to the face.

Combination B
Majin Buu punches his opponent, boots him/her away, and flips forward.

Majin Buu releases a field of energy around him that stops projectiles and hurts those in proximity.

Fat Gum
Buu throws a sticky substance that immobilizes his foe.

Hurricane Dash
Majin Buu dashes across the screen, leaving a trail of fire that can nullify projectiles and damage foes.

Magic Prism
Buu creates a barrier that traps foes inside. Buu can move through the barrier but his foes cannot.

Megaton Drop
Majin Buu teleports above his foe and drops down, crushing him/her under his weight.

Spread Ball
Majin Buu charges up a large pink ball of energy and releases at his opponent.

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