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Marvel vs Capcom Series
Phoenix Wright
a.k.a. Ryuichi Naruhodo (JPN)
Mai Shiranui (Dead or Alive 6) says...
This is going to be hot.
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Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
Throw Moves
Get 'em Missile! (close)/+
Missile the dog runs onscreen and rushes the foe.
Command Moves
Air Questioning (in air)+
Airborne Questioning attack.
Questioning +
Phoenix shouts out a word bubble "Hold it!" that damages foes.
Slip-Up +
Phoenix slips on a banana peel and crashes to the ground, striking the foe with his feet if they are ...
Special Moves
[Investigation Mode] Discard +
Phoenix must possess an item in an evidence folder to use this attack.
[Investigation Mode] Investigate +
Phoenix searches on the ground for evidence. If found, the item will show up in one of three folders ...
[Investigation Mode] "M-Maya!?' +
Maya rushes onto the screen. @term=latk@ has her absorbing projectiles with a magical barrier, where ...
[Investigation/Trial Mode] Mode Change +
Phoenix switches between Investigation Mode and Trial Mode, or vice versa.
[Trial Mode (High)] Paperwork +
Phoenix flings paper about in an arc (@term=qcf@ is in a low-to-high arc, and @term=qcb@ is in a hig ...
[Trial Mode (Low)] +
[Trial/Turnabout Mode] Press the Witness +
Phoenix walks forward with documents, studying them, then smacks the opponent with them.
Super Moves
Steel Samurai Maya Smelting! +
Maya drops down from the sky and plops down on Phoenix's chest, then rushes the enemy with her arms ...

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