Ryu (Capcom Fighting Evolution) says...
This isn't the end. I'm certain we'll cross paths again.
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Signature Moves
Arm Punch
Slide forward with short, rapid shell-expending jabs from one arm.

German Bomb
A bomb dropped from Brocken's boots while in flight.

German Explosion
Brocken triggers a switch in his chest and explodes, then reforms. Emits sub-explosions that act as normal projectiles. With full HERO Meter, the main explosion is unblockable.

German Missile
A low projectile from Brocken's knee.

Hurricane Arm
Anti-air energy vortex

Messerschmitt Attack
Brocken flies forward, arms outstretched. Vertical movement can be controlled.

Rocket Punch
Brocken fires his fists for a standard projectile.

Spark Thunder
Storm Thunder / Long Spark Thunder
Spark Thunder with extended arm. Only the hand's electricity hits, will whiff if too close.

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