Akuma (Street Fighter 4) says...
Once you face me, there is no turning back!
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Signature Moves
American Super Nova
Brian leaps to catch an airborne opponent, subjecting them to a series of holds and bombs.

Atomic Drop
Lift the opponent and drop them rear-first onto the knee.

Big Bang Tackle
Three hyper tackles in a row, back and forth. Reminiscent of Buffaloman's Hurrican Mixer finisher, from Kinnikuman.

Brian Hammer
Two-handed overhand blow, begins a series of chain attacks.

Brian Tornado
Multi-hit spinning body torpedo.

Buster Tomahawk
An airborne hook punch.

Hyper Tackle
Cross-screen shoulder charge.

Rock Buster
Overhead toss.

Rocket Tackle
Anti-air shoulder attack.

Screw Body Press
Brian goes spinning through the air, hitting multiple times.

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