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Signature Moves
Atomic Suplex
Two successive suplexes.

Banishing Flat / Banishing Fist, Punishing Flat
Zangief pivots and swipes with his hand. Strikes and nullifies projectiles.

Bite / かみつき
Zangief viciously and repeatedly bites at the opponent's face.

Brain Buster
Lift the opponent vertically and drop backwards.

Double Lariat
Zangief spins in place with arms extended. Gief has mid-body invulnerability while spinning, meaning most projectiles pass through. Starting in Champion Edition, can move left/right during execution. Kick version, if available, is usually faster with more vulnerability.

Final Atomic Buster
A series of suplexes, followed by a Spinning Piledriver.

Flying Power Bomb
Zangief takes a few steps forward trying to power bomb his opponent.

Iron Claw
Zangief grips the opponent's face and crushes it with a level of vigor determined by your mashing.

A traditional, non-spinning piledriver.

Spinning Piledriver / Screw Piledriver
Zangief's signature spinning piledriver.

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