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Signature Moves
Amazonian Uppercut
Upward-traveling diagonal uppercut that hits multiple times.

Divine Princess
Piroutte attack with next to zero range.

Gotcha Girl
Wonder Woman pops her opponent into the air with a kicks, then grabs them with her lasso, sending them crashing back down to the ground.

Handstand Burst
Wonder Woman does what looks like Sonya's Leg Grab, but it's actually a pop-up strike attack that allows her to grab the opponent by the ankle whilst in air and slam them to the ground.

Lasso Grab
Wonder Woman grabs her opponent with her lasso and whips them behind her, then pulls them toward her and kicks them.

Lasso Slam
Wonder Woman grabs her opponent with her lasso, leaps high into the air, and twirls them around quickly before sending them crashing to the ground.

Lasso Spin
Wonder Woman grabs her foe with her lasso and spins them until they are waist deep in the earth.

Splits Grab
Wonder Woman does the splits and grabs the opponent by the ankle, flipping them over her head and slamming them.

Straight Tiara
A projectile with a small hitbox that cannot be parried.

Wonderous Spin
Awkward-looking hurricane kick.

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