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Signature Moves
Afterimage Attack / 残像踏み込み斬り
Ukyo dashes forward leaving afterimages, cutting opponent on contact.

Concealed Sabre Snowfall Slash / Sasame Yuki, 秘剣ささめゆき
Ukyo tosses an apple then slashes rapidly, dividing the apple into pieces.

Fake Snowfall Slash
Ukyo throws an apple but does not cut it.

Swallow Super Slash / ツバメ六連
Rapid Swallow Swipes.

Swallow Swipe / Tsubame Gaeshi, 秘剣つばめ返し
A wide aerial slash. Emits a flaming bird that travels upwards. Easily "tiger knee'd" from the ground by ending with @term=uforward@

Toy Transformation / ぬいぐるみ
Ukyo's SD transform.

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