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Special Moves
Gigantic Tager Driver +/
Tager chucks the enemy into the sky and hauls them down on his shoulders. Initial grab can be delay ...
Atomic Collider +
Tager snatches an airborne enemy to the floor. Initial grab can be delayed to draw upon magnetism.
Spark Bolt +
A burst of energy from Tagers chest. Only available when electric meter is full.
Sledge Hammer +/
Short dash forward with an energy arc.
Additional Attack +
An overhead hammer fist.
Voltic Charge +
Increases the Electric Guage. Charge to increase amount gained.
Super Moves
Genesic Emerald Tager Buster +
Tager chucks his opponent way into the air, then brings them back to earth face first. Initial grab ...
Magna-Tech Wheel +
Tager spins forward, drawing his opponent in with magnetism.
Terra Break +
Tager punches his stored energy out.
Fatal Moves
King of Tager ++,
Tager rocks into orbit with his opponent, slamming them hard enough to create a crater.

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