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Signature Moves
Additional Attack
An overhead hammer fist.

Atomic Collider
Tager snatches an airborne enemy to the floor. Initial grab can be delayed to draw upon magnetism.

Genesic Emerald Tager Buster
Tager chucks his opponent way into the air, then brings them back to earth face first. Initial grab can be delayed to draw on magnetism.

Gigantic Tager Driver
Tager chucks the enemy into the sky and hauls them down on his shoulders. Initial grab can be delayed to draw upon magnetism.

King of Tager
Tager rocks into orbit with his opponent, slamming them hard enough to create a crater.

Magna-Tech Wheel
Tager spins forward, drawing his opponent in with magnetism.

Sledge Hammer
Short dash forward with an energy arc.

Spark Bolt
A burst of energy from Tagers chest. Only available when electric meter is full.

Terra Break
Tager punches his stored energy out.

Voltic Charge
Increases the Electric Guage. Charge to increase amount gained.

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