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Signature Moves
Strider launches his drone straight forward.

Formation A
Strider summons a mecha-panther. In MVC2, @term=1kick@ summons the panther while @term=3kick@ summons his bird.

Formation B
Strider summons a single robo-drone. It stays by his side until launched.

Formation C
A mecha-bird drops a bomb close, midrange, or far, depending on kick strength.

A long range cipher slash. Punches slice high, kicks slice low. Punch version can be done in the air.

Two orbiting drones are summoned. They do damage on contact, but more importantly fire ring lasers every time Strider attacks.

A running throw into repeated teleport slashes.

Strider teleports, then reappears as four shadows kicking downwards. The real Strider is determined by kick strength.

Wall Cling
Strider jumps backwards and clings to the wall. From there he can climb up and down, slash, kick off at an angle, fly to the opposite wall, or just drop down.

Teleports to a location corresponding to button pressed.

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