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Signature Moves
Bicycle Kick
Sonya performs an upward kicking flurry.

Sonya strikes the opponent with her elbow.

Energy Ring Blast / Ring Toss, Ring of Doom
Sonya sends off a pack of energy rings at her foe.

A forward cartwheel kick.

Kiss / Deadly Kiss, Kiss of Death
Sonya blows pink dust in the opponents eyes, stunning them momentarily.

Kiss of Death
Sonya blows on her open palm, sending a flaming ball toward the opponent. The flame catches the foe on fire, burning away their clothes and flesh, until nothing is left but a charred skeleton.

Krushing Kiss
Sonya blows on her open palm, sending a pink bubble toward the opponent, which expands and envelopes the foe before compacting and crushing the enemy.

Leg Grab / Leg Throw
Sonya performs a handstand and flings her legs toward the opponent, tossing them behind her upon contact.

Square Wave Punch / Face Planter, Square Wave
Sonya leaps into the air and dashes forward slightly with a punch before returning to the ground.

Tomoe Nage
Sonya grabs her opponent and plants a foot in their abdomen, falling backward and flipping them over her head.

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