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Signature Moves
Bicycle Kick
Sonya performs an upward kicking flurry.

Sonya strikes the opponent with her elbow.

Energy Ring Blast / Ring Toss, Ring of Doom
Sonya sends off a pack of energy rings at her foe.

A forward cartwheel kick.

Kiss / Deadly Kiss, Kiss of Death
Sonya blows pink dust in the opponents eyes, stunning them momentarily.

Kiss of Death
Sonya blows on her open palm, sending a flaming ball toward the opponent. The flame catches the foe on fire, burning away their clothes and flesh, until nothing is left but a charred skeleton.

Leg Grab / Leg Throw
Sonya performs a handstand and flings her legs toward the opponent, tossing them behind her upon contact.

Scissor Split
Sonya grabs her opponent with her legs and lifts them up, then tears them in half.

Square Wave Punch / Face Planter, Square Wave
Sonya leaps into the air and dashes forward slightly with a punch before returning to the ground.

Tomoe Nage
Sonya grabs her opponent and plants a foot in their abdomen, falling backward and flipping them over her head.

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