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Signature Moves
Airborne Tomoe Nage / Air Throw
Whilst in the air, Smoke grabs his opponent and flips them over his head, tossing them across the screen.

Smoke smashes his opponent in the face with a quick strike using the back of his hand.

No Smoking Allowed
A sign declaring "NO SMOKING ALLOWED!" falls from the sky. The smoke rings around Smoke disappear.

Porcupine Quills
Smoke transforms into a porcupine and fires a bunch of quills at the opponent, causing them to explode.

Smoke Detonation
Smoke teleports, and the opponent begins stretching rapidly horizontally and vertically, then he or she explodes.

Spear / Harpoon, Rope Dart
Smoke hurls a spear attached by rope at his foe. On contact, the victim is reeled in for further damage.

Teleport Decapitation
Smoke disappears off of the side of the screen and reappears on the other side with his arm outstretched, pulverizing his opponent's head into nothing with a punch.

Teleport Jab / Teleport Punch
Smoke teleports off of the screen and appears on the other side with his arm outstretched to deliver a mean jab.

Tomoe Nage
Smoke grips his opponent and falls backwards, kicking them away.

Uppercut Decapitation
Smoke crouches down and performs an uppercut as he rises, effectively severing his foe's head from his or her body.

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