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Signature Moves
Air Tentacles
Chaos Dimension
Turns Shuma's @term=2punch@ and @term=3punch@ into grab attempts. The grab draws the opponent into a ball made of Shuma's body which then disintegrates and causes massive damage.

Chomp Throw
Grabs the opponent, stretches upwards and drops them, then slams down on top with tentacles.

Energy Drain
Shuma-Gorath is sucking opponent's energy. Regains health. Entire Youtube channels have been dedicated to videos of Shuma doing this move to any and every female character in MUGEN.

Hyper Mystic Smash
Shuma splits off into a barrage of Mystic Smashing copies.

Mystic Ray
An eyebeam that sweeps from low to high.

Mystic Smash
Shuma turns into a ball with spikes and bounces forward, doing several hits.

Mystic Stare
Shuma fires six eyeballs that attach to the opponent, detonating and doing more damage after several seconds (if Shuma is not hit before then).

Turns himself to stone and drops straight down.

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