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Signature Moves
Apple For You
B.B. Hood delivers an exploding apple to the opponent if they're close enough.

Beautiful Memory
Whilst thinking of grandmother, she ravages her opponent with knives and bullets and tears.

Cheer & Fire
B.B. holds a molotov with flaming top out in front of herself.

Cool Hunting
She and two woodland hunters unload on the opponent.

Happy & Missile
She hops up and fires a missle down.

Jealousy & Fake
She quickly teleports behind her opponent, leaving behind a doll.

Sentimental Typhoon
She spins with her opponent in a giant typhoon.

Shyness & Strike
Swings her picnic basket forward. Holding the button yields a stronger strike.

Smile & Missile
An exploding missile fired from her basket. @term=anypunch@ fires high, @term=anykick@ fires low.

Tell Me Why
A quick forward crawl.

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