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Signature Moves
Draw Weapon
Draws Raiden's weapon, or if it's already drawn, throws it. Default weapon is a Warhammer.

Electric Execution
Raiden grabs his foe, lifting them up and shocking them repeatedly until they explode.

Flying Thunder God / The Superman, Torpedo, Lightning Dash, Electric Fly
Raiden stretches out vertically and rushes in mid-air toward the opponent, striking the opponent with his palms and channeling the full force of his body into the attack.

Kidd Thunder
Raiden summons a diminutive doppelgänger of himself, noted onscreen as "Kidd Thunder". Old strategy guides from many companies described Kidd Thunder as Raiden's "favorite nephew", but there is nothing official to support this.

Lightning Bolt
Raiden puts his hands together and fires off a bolt of electricity.

Lightning Shock / Shocker, Shocking Touch, Electrocute
Raiden grabs his foe and lifts them up, electocuting them.

Projectile Cancel
Cancels the projectile whilst charging it.

Static Teleport / Energy Teleport
Raiden uses his electric powers to disappear from one place and reappear elsewhere in the arena.

Thunder Uppercut
Raiden ducks down and performs a rising uppercut that blows up his foe.

Vicinity Blast
A close-range lightning attack, chargeable by holding down the button. Once it gains maximum power, it deals 15% damage and is unblockable. If held too long, it explodes, dealing 1% damage to Raiden.

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