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Basic Moves
Soul Eater
Ragna drains the life of his opponents on block or hit. This makes up for his relatively low health. ...
Special Moves
Not Over Yet +(opponent down)
Ragna grabs his opponent off the ground and punches him/her in the midsection.
Inferno Divider +/ (air)
Ragna leaps in the air, performing an uppercut-like swing with his sword. D version launches him hig ...
Uppercut +
Ragna follows up Inferno Divider with a an uppercut
Straight Punch +
This move be performed after the Uppercut connects. Ragna punches his opponent across the screen. Th ...
Ax Kick +
Can only be performed if the Uppercut connects. Ragna performs a downward kick, striking with the he ...
Hell's Fang +
Ragna dashes forward with punch
Additional Blow +
Ragna follows up his Hell's Fang with a dark energy strike in the shape of a beast's head.
Gauntlet Hades +(air)
Back Spin Kick +
Ragna follows up Gaunlet Hades with a upward-aiming spinning back kick.
Dead Spike +
Ragna releases dark energy from the ground in the shape of the Black Beast's head. Life is drained o ...
Super Moves
Carnage Scissors +
Ragna dashes in with a sword strike and then releases dark energy from his sword.
Blood Kain +
Ragna emits a black aura around his body. In this state Ragna's health will deplete over time, but h ...
[[Blood Kain]] Devoured by Darkness +
While in Blood Kain state, Ragna's hand become clawed and monstrous in size as he grabs his opponent ...
Fatal Moves
Black Onslaught + [Preview]

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