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Signature Moves
Additional Blow
Ragna follows up his Hell's Fang with a dark energy strike in the shape of a beast's head.

Blood Kain
Ragna emits a black aura around his body. In this state Ragna's health will deplete over time, but his enhanced drive attacks more than make up for it. His Soul Eater attacks have a larger hitbox, inflict greater damage, drain more health.

Carnage Scissors
Ragna dashes in with a sword strike and then releases dark energy from his sword.

Dead Spike
Ragna releases dark energy from the ground in the shape of the Black Beast's head. Life is drained on hit or block. Hitbox increases during Blood Kain.

Gauntlet Hades
Hell's Fang
Ragna dashes forward with punch

Inferno Divider
Ragna leaps in the air, performing an uppercut-like swing with his sword. D version launches him higher and drains life on hit or block.

Not Over Yet
Ragna grabs his opponent off the ground and punches him/her in the midsection.

Soul Eater
Ragna drains the life of his opponents on block or hit. This makes up for his relatively low health. Soul Eater attacks become even more powerful once Blood Kain is activated.

Ragna follows up Inferno Divider with a an uppercut

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