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Naruto Series

a.k.a. Bancho Naruto
Masashi Kishimoto
Yang (Super Street Fighter 4) says...
Is that all you have? You'll need more if you wish to defeat me.
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Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3
Command Moves
Entire World (in air)+
Naruto summons a duplicate to Giant Swing him to the ground diagonally.
String Move
Victory to the Swiftest (in air)
Air combo that ends with Naruto being launched forward by a duplicate.
Yo Ro Shi Ku
Duplicate-spawning combo with launching end.
Fights are Welcome +,
Naruto clocks the opponent with an overhead punch, then flips up, summoning a duplicate to toss him ...
Here I Come +,
Naruto's duplicate hops forward with a punch, then rolls into the enemy for multiple hits.
Commando Unit Leader +,
Naruto summons a duplicate that attacks with a Shoryuken, then flings Naruto, who turns into a giant ...
Special Moves
Leader Mode
Naruto's strength/speed/durability increase slightly.
Super Moves
Giant Rasengan ,
A clone of Naruto appears and the two of them create a gigantic Rasengan sphere, and the two of them ...
Abilities Unleashed ,,
Naruto gains a yellow aura as his speed increases greatly.

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