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Signature Moves
Air Throw
Amube Yatoro
Nakoruru orders Mamahaha to attack.

Annu Mutsube
Nakoruru slides along the ground with blade outstreched.

Apefuchi Kamui Risse
A "secret move," Nakoruru performs several Kamui Risses rapidly.

Hawk Carry
Nakoruru rides Mamahaha, gaining flight.

Irusuka Yatoro Risse
Nako glows with the energy of nature while Mamahaha makes a dive. On hit, multiple shadow hawks strike the opponent explosively.

Kamui Mutsube
Sword-first dive at an angle, from the bird.

Kamui Risse
Nakoruru twirls with scarf, doing damage and reflecting projectiles.

Leyla Mutsube
Rising version of Annu Mutsube.

Yatoru Poko
Downwards spinning roll from the bird.

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