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Signature Moves
Astral Vision
Morrigan summons a mirror image to double up on her enemy.

Darkness Illusion
An autocombo where Morrigan summons a mirror image and they give her opponent a beatdown.

Finishing Shower
Morrigan arches back and fires a barrage at her foe.

Sexual Embrace
Morrigan grabs her opponent out of the air and slams them ala Vector Drain.

Shadow Blade
Stereotypical dragon punch simile.

Shell Pierce
Morrigan's pursuit attack.

Soul Fist
Simple projectile.

Valkyrie Turn
Morrigan rockets off the side of the screen, and returns with her feet/wings stabbing out (height depends on kick strength).

Vector Drain
Jets upward with her opponent, then spiral-slams them into the ground.

Vertical Dash
Morrigan rockets up and slightly forward (or slightly backward if up-back is used)

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