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Signature Moves
Arcade Drop
A MK1 arcade machine drops on the opponent, crushing them. In MK3/UMK3/Trilogy, Liu teleports before the machine drops. In the 16-bit versions of the game, it's an MK2 machine instead.

Bicycle Kick / Flying Bicycle Kick
Liu launches forward through the air, pedaling his feet to strike the foe.

Cartwheel Uppercut
Liu performs a cartwheel to get near his opponent, then performs a quick crouch to a rising uppercut, knocking his foe high into the air.

Dragon Fire
Liu Kang tosses a fireball that has a dragon head-shaped end. @term=highpunch@ tosses a high Dragon Fire, whereas @term=lowpunch@ tosses a lower one. High Dragon Fire can be done in the air.

Liu strikes the opponent with his elbow.

Enter the Dragon / The Beast Within
Liu morphs into a gigantic dragon and bites the opponent's upper torso clean off.

Liu tosses a straight, horizontal fireball at his foe.

Flying Kick / Flying Dragon Kick
Liu Kang launches forth with foot outstretched.

Shadow Puppet
A screen appears and Liu makes a shadow puppet in the shape of the MK Dragon.

Teleport Torch
Liu teleports to the opponent's position and sets them on fire, incinerating them to death.

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